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The second draft of Swords Unhallowed is finished!

The first part of The Mighty Shall Rise.

In Intriguing Inceptions, Matthew Roland unveils for the very first time, never before seen manuscripts: each an essay in the realm of epic fantasy or science fiction. The pieces were selected out of a wealth of others for both their unique composition and intriguing premises. Each and every "Inception" is the beginning of a story; each story is an endeavor, and each endeavor is an enterprise into another world.


From the streets of Elgarost, where the elderly Urathane, coming into conflict with the younger generation, incidentally discovers a sinister plot to revive an ancient evil within his beloved home, to the world-universe of Arethalia, where two adventurers find themselves chased by a mob of angry guardians, and at last, to our very own earth, where three people are witness to a Shadow that dwells only in the deepest chasms of our darkest nightmares, experience the sense of the otherworldly and fantastic like never before.


Also included is an exclusive look at Matthew's in-progress novel, Swords Unhallowed––Part 1 of The Mighty Shall Rise.

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Author. Story-Teller. Truth-Seeker

Matthew Roland was born in a dirty, ramshackle town in Northern California. A Christian Homeschooler for the duration of his education, he is passionate about the art of story and any form of writing––whether that be fiction or nonfiction. Moreover, he aspires to be “a light that illuminates the lives of others” in all that he says and does. His further obsessions are ancient, archaic words that nobody uses anymore, books (primarily Tolkien), baseball, and any junk food that would give most “green-only” persons a heart attack.

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