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The "Professional" Bio

Matthew Roland was born in a dirty, ramshackle town in Northern California. A Christian Homeschooler for the duration of his education, he is passionate about the art of story and any form of writing––whether that be fiction or nonfiction. His further obsessions are ancient, archaic words that nobody uses anymore, reading liberal amounts of Tolkien when he can find the time, and searching for the perfect regency coat.

The "Unprofessional" Bio

Like the vast majority of authors/writers, I began writing at an early age. These first attempts were, of course, horrific, and I knew it. For a period of 2-3 years, my writing stalled, and it was only in 2015 that I began re-exploring the world of writing. This stemmed from my desire to “fix” problems I saw in many of the films produced by Hollywood, to tell stories that were left “Unfinished,” and to write stories that truly embraced the ancient beauty for which the English language was once renowned. The small outline below should be sufficient to provide some understanding of my “growth” as a writer:

2015: I began experimenting with the writing and plotting of superhero stories (no joke). At the same time, I attempted to put together an exhaustive encyclopedia that thoroughly analyzed Tolkien’s works and gave an abundance of insight into where his “unfinished tales” could have gone.

2016: My frustrations with the overwhelming amount of Tolkien’s incomplete stories reached a boiling point, and I concluded that the only solution was to create a separate world––in which I might fill with stories of my own and so satisfy my thirst for the unknown. It was at this time that my attempts at “superhero storytelling” reached their peak and then gave way to the infamous “Untitled Fantasy Trilogy.” My outlines, however, quickly grew to be much too unwieldy (not to mention clichéd and highly derivative), and I decided to write a small prequel to better introduce my audience to my imagined world.

2017: I began plotting out that “prequel” (which, of course, turned into an EPIC FANTASY TRILOGY––certainly not anything someone could have seen coming), and then proceeded to dedicate my summer to the actual writing of it. This endeavor went quite well, and while the story was still highly derivative, I managed to mostly complete it, coming in somewhere around 60,000-70,000K (not including the substantial amount of words dedicated to the outline). However, I quickly found myself unsatisfied with the story (in terms of the quality of the writing and its predictable nature) and not long after, decided to reboot it. I then spent the next several months (November-January), exploring other genres, which ranged from your typical suspense thriller to massive science-fiction sagas. While I was unable to nail down a definitive outline for the thriller. I was able to accomplish that in the sci-fi realm, and I anticipate beginning work on that hopefully sometime in December 2019.

2018: Switching back to the epic fantasy genre, I began anew, scrapping the entire beginning for my previous novel and keeping only the principal characters and storyline. After much deliberation, I managed to finish a working outline in time to begin the official writing that summer (the second of three separate summer attempts). However, after a month or two––in which I managed to get about 45K done, I came to the realization that while my revamped storyline had potential and was intriguing––to a point––there was nothing exactly “new” about it [the beginning]––there was nothing I felt I was “adding” to the genre. So, I ended up scrapping that attempt (called The Stone of Foundation for future reference) and resolved to take the Prelude to my original novel and start again with that. That Prelude, I have always felt, had a lot of unrealized potential, due in part to the prospective implications that it provoked (especially in regards to the current state of our country and the path that we are headed down). In no time at all, I conceived a new story––one that I was finally satisfied with––and during the Holidays, I wrote extensively on what I called “The Serpent and the Scroll.”

2019 (continuing directly from 2018): In all, I managed nearly 60,000K (80,000 if one takes into account my outline) on Serpent. However, once again, I was encountering a complication. There was just too much going on. The characters from the Prelude were taking on their own life, while the characters from Stone were being pushed to the sidelines. As a result, there were too many (not to mention conflicting) storylines, too many subplots, too much everything. Which was why I decided that February to split Serpent into two separate stories. I retitling those, “The Doom of Innocence,” and “The Mighty Shall Rise,” respectively, and this ended up solving a whole host of problems. Focusing my efforts on re-organizing the story for The Mighty Shall Rise, I (once again) embarked on an endeavor that summer to write an entire novel (albeit one that I was truly satisfied with) in that allotted time span. The story for Mighty grew, surpassing initial predictions and sometime in June, I optioned to split it into two parts, so that I could get something out sooner (the predicted word count had risen to over 200,000K) and also to help me stay focused and accurately nail the story beats. I finished the draft for that first part, titled, “Swords Unhallowed,” by the end of July and immediately began the process of setting up a website, among other things. Knowing that getting involved in a community was the best chance to build a following, I began to look around online for fellow writers with beliefs and interests similar to my own. A little while after that, I published an article on The Rebelution and a few short days later, officially published my website. As of now, I am working through parts of The Doom of Innocence and am trudging my way through the second draft of Swords Unhallowed, with the hope of completing it by December 2019.