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1) Fallen Son

Fallen Son primarily concerns the lives of two men (each of which is a “fallen son” in their own right), both of which are caught up in a whirlwind of suspicious happenings and political strife. It’s entirely possible that this could be one of the most extensive books I end up writing (upwards of 300,000-350,000 words). 


Or it may not. You just never know.


Status: Mostly outlined, save for a further brainstorming session on one character arc. Once the second draft of Swords Unhallowed has been turned in, the tentative plan is to begin officially drafting sometime in December 2019.


2) The Timekeeper

A science fantasy set partly in an alternate dimension and London in the early 1900s. I have worked on this in the past when I am dire need of writing something both ridiculous and absurd.


Status: The plot structure was still being brainstormed, when this was set aside in early December 2018. Might be something I squeeze in somewhere down the road when I need a break.


3) This Is Love

I came up with the idea for This Is Love during my increasingly animated attempts to create a “film soundtrack” consisting of some of my favorite songs, which I worked tirelessly on assembling to create a cohesive, moving storyline. Absurd, I know.


All I can say about This Is Love at this present time is that the genre is Christian fiction. I’ve barely begun work on the outline, and I’m not exactly sure what kind of story I want to tell yet, so there’s not really much to say here.


The story itself will be one of my shortest I predict––somewhere around 75,000-85,000 words. As of now, I have not done much work on this.


Status: Not written and nothing near on the horizon. I wouldn’t expect this anytime soon.


4) Mortal

Hmm…what to say about MortalMortal is a relatively new project of mine––albeit one with several elements brought in from abandoned stories attempted in my younger years.


As of now, the story is primarily set on earth, and the genre is young adult/fantasy/sci-fi, w/superhero influences. I predict it to be a normally-sized novel (I shall try my best!) consisting of somewhere around 105,000 words which makes out to about 350 pages. I can see this being completed perhaps when I’m taking a break from one of my “heavier” novels––maybe several years down the road. Hey, as fantasy author Brandon Sanderson so rightly stated, “Sometimes, you need a break from high-end, exquisite steaks at super expensive restaurants. Sometimes you need to order yourself a cheeseburger at a fast-food joint.”


More on this later.


Status: Setting and background mostly figured out, but the story itself doesn’t have any recognizable structure. However, unlike the above novels, I would expect this sooner rather than later.


5) Vision & Word

Although all I have for this story is a simple premise, I include it here, because it just so happens to be one that I am hyped to begin production upon as soon as possible.


The premise is relatively straightforward: a girl is having horrific visions––albeit visions without any sound––and she is at a complete and utter loss as to what to do about it. Meanwhile, a boy hears voices in his head––“visions without words.” Like a lock and key, cloak and dagger, together, they can unlock the mystery behind these occurrences to reveal something much bigger and grandiose than they ever dreamed possible. As of now, it is currently undecided whether this will be a story set in the real world or a separate fantasy world. So think fantasy suspense with a paranormal twist to it.


I came up with this idea around Christmas last year while exchanging dialogue with a friend about…stuff, and various other things. My tentative plan is to coauthor this with said individual/friend––she’ll write the POV of the girl, and I’ll write the POV of the boy, both of us collaborating on the story together. Additionally, this is one project that I have considered giving both the novel and script treatment.


Status: Patiently biding its time on the shelf.




1) Tempered by Truth

The outlining and chapter ordering for Tempered by Truth was finished in late March. Really, what this is, is a collection of essays and dissertations on various aspects of America and the world at large. This will be an ongoing process as I grow in my knowledge and understanding of God’s Word in relation to the world. In short, this is a treatise about the need to apply truth in a world gone bananas.


Status: Ongoing. Release date unknown.


2) Hullo Logic

Concerns the relative dearth of critical thinking in America and applied solutions to fix the many problems plaguing us as a nation right now.


Status: No movement.