Draft #1: Finished!

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

It is finished. The first draft of Swords Unhallowed is finished, coming in at 90,003 words and 354 MS pages. At long last.

I spent some time Thursday reworking the story due to several plot lines unexpectedly spiraling out of control, cut one character, and combined several others for the sake of more linear storytelling. In all, I really only cut 3,000 words, which may not seem like much; however, at the same time, I essentially “rebooted” the story––therefore cutting much more than would at first seem obvious.

For those who aren’t aware, I’m not exactly a fan of huge, giant stories with a bazillion plot threads––unless it serves a purpose. I tend to be someone who likes his stories tight, rigorous, and well-thought-out. For me, every character must serve some purpose within the story (and no, not to simply set up an introduction in a plausible fourteenth sequel). Every line of dialogue must be considered; every storyline must contribute something meaningful to the story, and every secret revealed must be done with tact (which happens to be why I’m such a big fan of the Jason Bourne movies, and Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes).

I’m somewhat obsessed if you haven’t noticed.

As I have stated before, I will be taking an immediate break from Swords. I need some time to distance myself from the characters/story/world so that I can return later with a fresh perspective and renewed drive. After several months, I shall return with a full head of steam to write a second draft.

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