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Updated: Nov 19, 2019

The word count for the second draft of Swords Unhallowed currently sits at 69,619K. My hope is to have this draft finished sometime around the end of October (here's hopin'). While I'm still plugging away at it, I thought I'd drop by and give a general overview of what my plans are going forward––for those who are interested in that sort of thing, of course.

Swords Unhallowed: This second is one of five planned drafts. The first was really only me throwing everything that I had against a wall and seeing what stuck.

The second is replacing what didn't stick, rearranging, adding, and deleting scenes to help the story flow better.

In the third, I'll iron everything out, expand upon sections that I might have 'under-described,' and make the characters' words/actions more consistent.

Once I get to the fourth, I can begin making things look polished and up to my standards. I'll take a lot of time in this one, studiously going over every chapter, every scene, every paragraph, every sentence, every word to make things up to par. Around this time, I'll begin sending it out so that I can get feedback and suggestions on what to change and what to keep.

After that, I'll take which changes that I deem necessary, implement them into the manuscript and then give it one final polish.

Release date: The plan is to self-publish this; however, at the same time, I plan on beginning the process of sending it out to various agents and editors. Regardless of how self-publishing fares, my plan is still to become traditionally-published. That much is certain. Currently, the finish date is set for Spring 2019. Now, I don't know if that is truly feasible; everything depends on how 'fresh' I feel coming off the Fallen Son draft. But for now, that's the date till it's not.

Fallen Son: On to my planned science fiction novel, Fallen Son. As of now, the official manuscript stands somewhere around 7,000-10,000 words, while the outline is about three-fourths of the way nailed down.

My tentative plan is to finish the outline soon, and commence with a draft starting in December––only after the second draft for Swords is finished. 

For those interested in or intrigued by the particulars and intricacies of ‘book writing,’ this is for you: I plan to post each chapter as I write them on my blog, regardless of the state it is in. This way, you can see both the rough drafts and all my various plot-notes scribbled in between the story main. You will be granted an exclusive, over-the-shoulder look at how a story is written and developed.

Additionally, I also plan to post videos on my YouTube channel as I write the chapters. These videos, in essence, will be high-speed, screen-recordings made as I forge my way through Fallen Son.

Enough said.

Release Date: Something tells me that if I'm unable to finish Swords by its intended release date, then Fallen Son might get jumpstarted sooner than expected. Additionally, I've found that I'm able to write and polish everything non-fantasy much quicker than the former, which makes the chances of this happening much more likely. However, if this ends up not being the case, then (assuming that the initial drafting goes well) you can probably expect this in either the Fall or Winter of 2020.

The Mighty Shall Rise: Part 2: I shall likely commence the drafting for Part 2 after Swords Unhallowed and Fallen Son are completed. When exactly, I can't say. I haven't yet gotten this far as an author, so who's to say how I'll feel? Either 1) I'll be exhausted after the completion of Swords and not touch it for a year, or 2) for some reason, I won't be able to stay away from it and get it done in record time.

The Sequel to TMSR: Yes, despite what I've said about a standalone story, The Mighty Shall Rise SHALL have a sequel. In fact, it will have FOUR sequels. Titles have already been chosen for all four, and the basic story premises are set in stone. I'm working on a story treatment for the first sequel in my off time, and I'm pleased to admit that work is going well.

I've always felt that once I can get TMSR out of the way, then the others shall come much more quickly. I still believe that, so much so that there is a very small––but possible--chance that I finish a draft for the Sequel before TMSR is even finished.

In story, anything is possible.

Mortal & The Timekeeper: As I stated in the description for Mortal in Other Projects, I would expect this sooner rather than later. The main difference between this and The Timekeeper is that, while I've cooked up a few interesting angles to time travel for the latter, I already have a definitive (not to mention intriguing) premise all mapped out for Mortal.

I would like to quickly note that due to several similarities that have arisen between the two, I have considered merging either the stories themselves or just the worlds. I have been tempted to brainstorm work on the plots for both lately, so there's a chance I will be able to get some preliminary work done on both sometime soon.

This Is Love: Don't ask, because I don't know.

Vision & Word: Currently waiting for an opportune moment. However, once ground gets broken, work on the plot and story will probably pick up real quick.

Tempered by Truth & Hullo Logic: Right now, any work in these areas will be primarily focused on publishing articles on The Reb. So don't expect anything on this end anytime soon.

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