The Curious Case of "Intriguing Inceptions" (for those who may be wondering...)

Updated: Nov 19, 2019


After many well-documented hurdles betwixt KDP and myself, I finally, finally have the paperback version of the above title ready to be released. The first proof copy was ordered last Sunday and today, the final round of edits were completed. As of now, it's in review and should be published and available to the general public within several days.

But if you’re thinking that all of a sudden, Matthew is releasing his first novel (Hurrah! Bravo! Encore! *shouts of applause*) then prepare to be disappointed.

This (sadly) is not my first novel.

But it is something.

I guess I should explain. For those who know me well, I have a long and storied history of beginning books, only to taper off soon after due to the perfectionist inside of me crying out in dissatisfaction at the story. I’m at long last beginning to get past that stage––mostly because I’m beginning to find my groove in telling non-cliché stories. The Mighty Shall Rise is the culmination of my many restarts/reboots, and will hopefully be the beginning of a new era for me writing-wise.

As I stated in an earlier newsletter, I had initially planned on releasing the first part of Mighty in the middle of June. Safe to say, that didn’t end up happening because of my decision to combine the (at that time) four parts into two separate installments. As of now, the release date for that aforementioned first part––now titled Swords Unhallowed––has been pushed back to sometime in December.

In light of that, I spent some time reflecting...and within several seconds of deep contemplation over the matter, I came upon the idea of releasing an anthology compromised of my (in my mind) most intriguing beginnings.

And so, Intriguing Inceptions: Essays in Fantasy & Science Fiction was born. 

All in all, it did not take long for me to assemble everything in one place, organize, and edit it all. A preliminary version was released on July 27, 2019 for Kindle, while I waited for the paperback version to be processed. It's safe to say that within the next several days, I shall pull the former back, revise, and then republish it.

Allow me to state something important: 

The sole reason I’m doing this is to 1) begin making my presence known in the writing world and 2) tide everybody over until The Mighty Shall Rise is completed.

My goal is to become a traditionally published author and as such, I tend to despise or “look down” on self-publishing. However, having heard how easy it was to publish with Amazon, I thought I might play around and publish an anthology of my better beginnings just for fun.

And that, in a roundabout fashion, is all I have to say concerning this…news.

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