The Specter, the Wastrel, and the Tree

They sought to change their destiny. But fleeing from fate only brought them that much closer to it.


In the cheerless colds of the Northern Wastes, a group of refugees led by Orendel Stonehelm and Aragonez Ivronwine, arrive at the village of Snowbourne in search of the key to their survival. But even those with the most formidable wills cannot for long avoid their doom, and the tragic destinies of Aragonez and his companions eventually lead them to the realization only too late that one’s fate is inescapable.


Also featured are two unique stories: The Wastrel Who Was, featuring Melandor the Street Urchin, who gets more than he bargained for when he attempts to rob an unsuspecting wayfarer; and The Dark Tree, in which one of Aragonez’s later descendants uncovers a deadly secret—one that if brought to fruition, could destroy all that he holds dear.


This volume is published with an appendix containing an epic poem titled, The Lay of the Fall of Endilyon, which tells the tale of Endilyon and his brother Turnour, who are betrayed in the Battle of Grimweld; and ultimately perish despite their heroic deeds.