The Mighty Shall Rise

The Mighty Shall Rise is an epic fantasy novel, which is also the first in a tentative three-part saga. Intended to be enjoyed by both children and adults of all ages, it is currently awaiting final revisions, before eventual submission to a major publishing house.

To reach the light beyond, he must confront the dark within.


Recruited out of his exile, young Endurian Stonehelm forges an alliance with the legendary warrior, Tyrelion Ivronwine, to retrieve the lost Sceptre of Anakämar from the White Tower in a move that will have long-ranging consequences for all of Pergelion.


Drawn into these events is the usurper, Ir-Murazôr, whose mere presence promises a long-awaited end to Endurian’s desperate search for answers. But the tormented Endurian is fighting a losing battle against a lifetime of guilt and terror, and his inevitable confrontation with Murazôr spells disaster of the worst kind.


That, combined with the ever-looming shadow that is his family’s legacy, drive Endurian to sacrifice friendship and honour for the road of madness; and in his horrific descent into darkness and despair, the true conflict manifests itself not as a struggle to right past wrongs, but as a fight for Endurian’s very soul. To master the darkness within, he must reach beyond himself to confront the Dark King and in so doing, find his true place in the world.

The War of the Wretched

The War of the Wretched is an epic fantasy novel, the sequel to The Mighty Shall Rise, and the second instalment in a tentative three-part saga. It currently being outlined, along with its untitled sequel.

​​Out of the ashes of the fallen, the hope of many will rise anew.